Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services

Along with the manufacturers help we can recommend products that will provide the best roofing and insulating methods for your building. Contact us for pricing.


We have the experience to completely remove and replace old with new, while keeping your building and business operating. All removed debris is properly disposed in approved landfills. Contact us for pricing.

Roof Repairs

Saco Roofing can repair any existing roof! We repair Heat Welded PVC and TPO Membrane Roofs. We repair built up Smooth & Graveled Roofs. We also repair Rubber Membrane Roofs, as well as Asphalt Shingle & Slate, and Metal Roofs.
Roof repairs are provided at a set price, or at current hourly wages plus materials and delivery charges. Contact us for pricing.

Roof Membrane Upgrades

We will survey your existing roof membrane and make a recommendation on how to extend the service life of your roof without costly replacement. Contact us for more information.

Prevenative Roof Maintenance

We offer an ongoing preventative maintenance program. This program consists of a bi-yearly inspection of the roof, during which the general condition of the roof is checked and any problems needing immediate attention are noted. At the same time, the roof drains are cleaned and any debris on the roof is removed. The inspection report is then sent to the owner. Contact us for pricing.

This preventative maintenance program is also offered for new roofs.

A bi-yearly inspection in late fall and in the spring will insure that any damage or defects are caught before serious problems not covered under the warranty can occur. Pricing is based on an hourly rate, and inspections are usually scheduled in conjunction with other work in order to keep portal time to a minimum. For inspections, two men are sent. Contact us for pricing.

Custom Metal Work

We can fabricate gutters, flashing and trim with copper, stainless or metals of your choice. Contact us for pricing.

Snow removal service is available.

Contact us for pricing.